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Making Fitness Fun

Uplifting Movement is a private fitness studio in Harrison, Maine. I offer private and small group sessions to folks of all walks of life who are looking to heal their relationship with their body while getting strong!

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Daniel Fox CPt

Hi I’m Dan,
I am ACE certified personal trainer and have been helping folks find joy in their movement since 2017! I’m from Maine originally, and coming back to start this business has been a deeply fulfilling process. I started coaching as a side hustle when I worked as a freelance classical musician in Boston in my 20s and it eventually became my whole life! My mission as a coach is to help people incorporate lifting as a joyful part of their lifestyle. There are so many benefits to getting stronger, and for too many folks the gym environment is either too intimidating or too uncomfortable to facilitate a positive engagement. My approach is geared toward creating a low-pressure perfection-free environment where we focus on what’s important to getting stronger while also having fun!