"Two years ago, at the age of 72, I felt that I was losing some strength and began working with Dan in-person 2-3 times a week. I had avoided exercise most of my life but Dan quickly found ways to get me interested and keep me motivated. He’s extremely knowledgeable about anatomy, communicates clearly, personally demonstrates proper form and is constantly encouraging me. Fairly quickly I noticed results – greater mobility and increased strength. I feel lucky to have found such an experienced trainer in my part of Maine. And I’m really enjoying his new workout space in Harrison and discovering how to use all the equipment. Dan is a professional; he makes notes about my progress during each session so that I’m continually moving forward, even when I don’t notice it. He is patient, reliable and always prepared. Dan is also a trained musician and his choice of music makes the sessions even better."
Bill B.
"I am an obstacle course-racing athlete. Dan was the master at showing me not only how to improve my strength for the sport, but making sure I stay in the game without injury and get out of the “grind” mindset. I had the pleasure of working alongside Dan in 2019 after participating in his morning bootcamp classes. His always positive attitude plus injection of variety into his challenging but fun workouts inspired me to get personal coaching with him. Thanks to working alongside Dan for just 6 weeks, I improved my dead hang without dead-hanging, fell off fewer grip-intensive obstacle course rigs and improved my deadlift from 205lbs to 275lbs. Dan’s enjoyment of movements is infectious. Even your stationary peers will want to start doing gymnastics again when they meet him."
Matt K.
"As a multi-sport athlete I gained a lot of endurance and improved fitness by working out with Dan. He's an outstanding fitness instructor and personal trainer. He'll listen to you so your workout is geared towards your goals. He is also very fit--a good role model for nutrition and core strength. Highly recommend Uplifting Movement!"
Wendy T.
"My spouse and I have been training with Dan for over 2 years. We are in our mid-60's and committed to staying active and fit. Dan is highly competent and knowledgeable, watches and listens carefully to us, challenges us, and encourages us. Our workouts are fun, varied, super effective, and safe! Our overall fitness, strength, balance, energy and flexibility have improved, and old injuries have not returned because we've learned how to protect and strengthen our vulnerable shoulders, knees, and lower backs. We hope that Dan will be here for us into our 70's, 80's and beyond! In addition to being an awesome trainer he's a really nice guy. Thanks, Dan!"
Ann L.
"Dan is patient, good-humored and super resourceful! Over the years, living in different places, I’d worked with 7 other trainers before Dan. When I started working with Dan in 2017, I was amazed at the great variety of exercises and techniques he has in his toolbox. I’m 77 years old, with plenty of wear-and-tear issues. Dan is great at tailoring our sessions to work around my issues and keep me strong. Whatever muscle we are working on, the exercises always involve the core. As a result, my posture has improved. I stand stronger, taller and walk with confidence. Dan connected me to muscles I didn’t know I had. Now I can activate them, great for better reflexes. Thanks to him I can keep up with 3 very active grandkids without getting knocked over in rough play, and last summer even enjoyed paddle boarding! Did I mention wonderful conversations? Dan is the ideal trainer, and I hope to continue working with him forever, whether on zoom or in person."
Katie L.
"I’ve been working with Dan for about 2 years. Prior to that I had very little experience with a personal trainer. I liked Dan’s style right from our first session. At the time, my goal was to be a stronger runner. Dan incorporated strength, flexibility, and plyometric exercises to help my running form. I ended up getting a PR in a half marathon a few months later! Working together we’ve also identified many ways to improve my overall form to make sure I’m utilizing the right muscles, in and out of the gym. He has great energy that pushes me without being aggressive, and is in tune with knowing my limits…and when I can do more! I have no running goal in mind now, but our sessions are never boring or easy. He is always thinking of new ways to challenge me!"
Katrina P.
"I've been training with Dan for the last two years, and I won't stop anytime soon! We started off in-person and due to the pandemic have transitioned to online training, which works super well with my crazy schedule - he's really flexible! I've had many ups and downs in figuring out the right workout that makes me and my body happy, but Dan has always been patient and helpful in allowing me to make progress at my own pace, while also constantly adapting his approach that focuses on exactly what my body needs. Dan's holistic approach of training has allowed me to start accepting and loving my body."
Krishana A.
"I had never worked with a personal trainer before, and I thought that doing it virtually would be awkward, but it wasn't at all! Daniel is such a professional, is a great motivator, and he makes the workouts challenging but fun. I have back issues, and after every workout I feel so much better. Daniel tailors the workouts to what my needs are, and he gets creative with the few pieces of workout equipment that I own."
Mary R.
"Daniel is a wonderful personal trainer! I was very shy about my fitness level, but Daniel made the entire experience very comfortable. He communicates clearly so that I know exactly what to do. He made me work hard but also adjusted. He is very knowledgeable and he cleared couple of misconceptions about how the body works that I had for many years. I would definitely recommend Daniel to all my friends!"
Elena K.
"I’ve had a lot of experience with personal training over the years, and Dan is the MOST caring and knowledgeable. My goal isn’t to body build but to maintain strength and bone density (as nature works against this as we age). After several surgeries due to work related wear on my body, Dan has help me rebuild and retain the posture and vitality of a much younger me."
Melissa E.
"I did training with Dan in-person twice a week for about 3-4 months and I really loved it! I only stopped because I moved away from Maine and remote sessions weren’t really possible due to the time difference. This is the first time in my life that I really enjoyed working out. He pushed me, but never so far that I wanted to quit. I honestly looked forward to our sessions each week. He is really easy to talk to and the exercises are so much more enjoyable because of this. If I was still in the area I would absolutely still be training with him. I was focusing on my arms, core, back and glutes, and even with training for just 45 minutes 2 times a week I saw a difference. I could see my progress not only in the mirror but also in how each week the exercises got a bit easier and the weights we used got a bit heavier."
Aubrey W.