fitness coaching and dietetics
fitness coaching and dietetics


My fitness philosophy

The foundational values in my programming are:
1. Love your body and find enjoyment in your movement
2. Prioritize long-term health and safety
3. Focus on function, not numbers

Fitness isn’t about having a low body-fat percentage, tight six-pack, muscular butt or hulking arms. It shouldn’t be judged by the shape of your body, a number on a scale, spectacular feats of athleticism, muscle mass or any of the other metrics we are taught to observe by pop culture and the fitness industry. Fitness isn’t a state of being or a necessarily a hobby, either, it’s a fundamental part of living a healthy life.
I think fitness is truly about you feeling your best. Every body is unique and every person enjoys different things, so the true test of fitness is whether or not you are able to feel good in your body every day and live the vibrant, functional life that YOU desire. The biggest barrier to attaining this state of fitness is often our schedules, but sometimes it’s our beliefs about ourselves. For most people, myself included, movement is easy once you get going, but often it’s difficult to start and difficult to stay engaged. That’s where I come in as a trainer ––to help people follow-through with what they already know they want to do. The goal is to be your best self every day!


1. Health – Moving your body regularly will support muscle retention, bone density, mental health, and will reduce your risk of injury while you enjoy a higher quality of life.

2. Motivation – An appointment will hold you accountable to the activities you know are good for you! The hardest thing for most people is simply building a new habit.

3. Expertise – All exercise can be good exercise, but a professionally engineered program will address your body’s specific needs and weaknesses to get you the best results.

3. Time efficiency – Having a coach ensure that you spend your limited workout time effectively to get the most benefit. No wasted time or energy figuring out what to do or how to do it.


Prior to the Covid pandemic, I myself was skeptical about the efficacy and long-term viability of  online training. Nevertheless, in 2020 I found myself with no other option for helping my clients. Now, several years later, I have perfected the method and am still working with many of the same clients who first made that transition! I find many clients who work with me in-person are perplexed as to how virtual training could possibly work ––the truth is it really isn’t that different when it comes to learning healthy movement and staying active.

For some there is no replacement to learning movements in a hands-on environment, but for most people the convenience and comfort of having a consistent training routine through virtual meetings far outweighs the limitations on equipment that virtual training imposes. Virtual training certainly works better for those who are more independent and confident, but I am convinced that with the right approach, virtually guided workouts can work for anyone.


Private Sessions

Regular sessions are 45 minutes, but your first session is one hour long for only $35 – that’s half of the regular single session price of $70.

The longer session time is because we usually will talk more and need time to learn fundamentals in the first session, and the reduced price is to lower the barrier to exploring personal training. I want you to feel confident in your commitment to working with me.

After your first session, if you decide to subscribe to a month of training at any frequency, the first session will be subtracted from the cost of that month.

Single 45-minute session: $70

Single 30-minute session: $40


Monthly Training Packages

45 minute sessions

One session per week @ $65 ($260)

Two sessions per week @ $60 ($480)

Three sessions per week @ $55 ($660)


* I want everyone to have a joyful fitness practice! Flexible pricing is available to those who need it.