fitness coaching and dietetics
fitness coaching and dietetics

Glute Reboot:     45 minutes

What’s the largest muscle in the human body? THE GLUTEUS MAXIMUS! It may also be the most important muscle for feeling strong and stable.

This class will help build glute strength and focus on freeing up the mobility limitations that often inhibit glute activation. We will also discuss the role that the glutes (there are three glute muscles to each leg) play in balance, stability and power. Whether you want to help your biggest asset grow or you just want to feel more capable while you do the gardening, this class will be productive for all people of all ability levels.

Core Circuit:     30 minutes

The “core” is integral to ALL exercise but crunches only scratch the surface! We work not just abs and obliques but the core muscles of the back. This class is full of rotational movements, anti-rotational movements, and plenty of plank variations. This 30 minute class is designed to be approachable and practical. Climbers, golfers and downhill skiiers, this one is for you.

Strong Back Basics:     45 minutes

Do you have shoulder issues or work-related overuse? Have you always wanted to do a pull-up? Perhaps you find yourself hunching a bit at the computer ––this class is focused on building the prerequisite strength to support healthy function and stay balanced. It’s also a great place to build on your existing strength to prevent injury and improve performance, especially if you’re a fan of paddle sports, golf, or nordic skiing.

Plyo Power Party:     45 minutes

Plyometric exercises are explosive, powerful movements. There’s nothing better for getting the heart pumping and getting comfortable with jumping and it’s always better with friends! A little friendly competition and encouragement makes all the difference when you’re giving your maximum effort. This one is for the cardio fans, the hikers and those who want to gain balance and perhaps up their tennis game. Also, you can count on House of Pain’s 1992 hit, “Jump Around” being on the playlist…. sorry, not sorry.

Class Pricing:

45 minute class: $22

30 minute class: $18

Monthly class memberships can be purchased for $99, allowing unlimited access to our class offerings.

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