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Daniel Fox

certified personal trainer

The mission of Uplifting Movement is to provide an approach to fitness that’s focused on enjoyment, cultivating sustainable habits and overall well-being. I am certified by the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, pain-free movement coach and fitness nutrition specialist.

Through my years as a trainer I have come to recognize that the fitness industry as a whole has utilized harmful messaging about fitness and our bodies to try to sell gym memberships, supplements and training packages. Though effective at generating sales, many people now view exercise as a punishment, avoid lifting weights because they feel it’s “not for them”, and feel that they need to be thin in order to be fit and strong.

To counter this decades-long trend, I encourage my clients to work on consciously cultivating a relationship with their body that is grounded in fun daily activity, growing stronger sustainably and enjoying the process, not just the “results”. I want to help people of all types reclaim the joy of movement and feel connected to their body.

Uplifting Movement is a place where bodies of all sizes and abilities can learn how to lift, jump, climb, or run stronger and happier.


Growing up as an fat child gave me first-hand experience of how fat stigma can hold one back from enjoying movement and feeling comfortable exercising or playing sports casually. Even people in smaller bodies often avoid fitness spaces because they don’t feel welcome, or they don’t think they meet the requirements to begin a new fitness practice in an unfamiliar space.

The truth is, as adults we don’t need to equate body size with fitness or value in any capacity. Building habits to support our well-being is a good practice at any size or age. The benefits of exercise for quality of life, especially as we grow older, are significant. In my opinion, any fitness practice should, at its core, be about unlocking those benefits in the most fun way possible!

My studio was built to offer people a space where it feels safe to fail. One of the beautiful things about weightlifting as a practice is that failure is an integral part of getting stronger, and it doesn’t have to be a source of embarrassment –in fact, becoming familiar with failure can be a source of pride.

Dan and Natalie at their home in Harrison ME, 2021


● ACE Certified Personal Trainer

● ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

● ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

● ACE Certified Pain-Free Movement Specialist


● BM Oboe Performance from The Boston Conservatory

● MM Oboe Performance from The Boston Conservatory